Whinting (Merluccius bilinearis) is a small relative of the Cod fish. It is commonly referred to as silver hake. The fish is often grilled whole, and used for fish cakes. Because it is delicate, it needs to be cooled carefully if filleted.

Whiting Product Specifications

Whiting is available year-round. Fresh shipments are packed with ice in 6 kg and 7 kg styrofoam containers. Frozen products are available layer pack, block, IQF and IWP. Custom packs are also available.

  • Small Whole 6-8″

  • Regular Whole 8-10″

  • Large Whole 10-12″

  • King Whole 12+"

  • Spanish Pack

    • 6-8″ and 8-10″

    • 4,6,7 kg styros

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